This is exciting news. Slim Chickens is getting set to open their fourth Lubbock restaurant at 7801 University on Monday (November 4th). This beautiful, brand new building is fresh and inviting.

I had a remarkable conversation with Slim Chickens Director of Operations Robert Damron and learned a lot about this Lubbock favorite.

"It's a new neighborhood for us, so we're excited to bring it over here to a part of town that really hasn't seen Slim Chickens," Damron said. "We have a lot of customers that come from this area."

Slim Chickens
Robert Damron, Director of Operations, Slim Chickens, (Photo: Jan M., Townsquare Media Lubbock)

"The concept's a newer look," he explained. "It'll be different from the other three....the inside layouts, [and] aesthetically you'll see a few minor changes, but as far as recipes, consistency and quality of the food will still be the same that you get at the other three location."

We had to ask if they had a secret recipe that made their chicken so good, and he could only say that their breading was "proprietary."

"[We're] really specific about the type of chicken that we's top grade," he told us. "We don't waste any expense when it comes to making sure that we have the highest quality product in house. We also believe that the less we do to the product the better it is for the customer...not over-salted. It's just us, we're simple at heart, but we hope that our product speaks for itself."

Damron also related that Slim Chickens really cares about their employees.

"We really stress a culture here that's just family-oriented...and with the employees, we are humbled that they work for us, and work along side us and at the end of the day, we work for them," he said. "When you empower and treat the employees with the respect that they deserve it correlates to the customer, and makes a big difference."

Damron told us that they are on a "growth pattern" and are currently hiring and looking for new talent. Plus, there may be one or two more Slim Chickens here in Lubbock in the future for us. He also shared that it is important to them to be heavily involved in the community. They enjoy supporting fundraisers and do a lot for Texas Tech University.

He encouraged everyone to reach out to the company if there is a need for a fundraiser. "We really like to make sure we are involved in the community as well. It's not just about chicken, it's about changing somebody's life."

So if you've wondered, as we have, what the secret formula behind Slim Chickens success is, I think we've definitely found a better understanding here as to why the chicken and customer service is so good, and why the Slim Chickens experience is something folks line up for.

Congratulations, Slim Chickens, on opening a remarkable fourth Lubbock location.

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Slim Chickens



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