If you are a resident in Lubbock and have Lubbock Power and Light, smart meters are coming your way. Matt Rose, spokesman for LP&L joined The Chad Hasty Show on Thursday to discuss the roll out of smart meters, also referred to as advanced meters.

Many LP&L customers have already had their old meters replaced by smart meters. Rose told listeners that within a year, all customers should have their meters replaced. A new customer portal will also be developed in 2020 that will allow customers to track their electric usage.

Rose told KFYO that smart meters will allow customers to track their usage and will allow for LP&L to provide better customer service as well as be able to locate technical issues more quickly.

Residents can opt-out of smart meters but there is a $24.99 monthly fee associated with that opt-out.

It's not only electric meters that are being replaced in Lubbock. Water meters are being replaced as well with smart meters.

Rose said that if LP&L can't access your meter due to a locked gate or dogs, LP&L will leave a note on your front door so the resident can make an appointment to have the meter changed out.

Listen to the full interview about smart meters with Matt Rose in the video above.

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