President Trump is back in the United States and faces a big decision this week. Will the United States withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord or will the President stay in? Last week, Trump refused to join members of the G7 in reaffirming their commitment to the agreement. According to The Hill, Trump remains undecided publicly on the climate agreement after speaking with world leaders last week, but privately he is ready to pull the U.S. out.

Senator Ted Cruz wrote an opinion piece urging the President to pull out of the climate agreement, arguing that staying in would hurt the United States.

The agreement, signed by the Obama administration last year, would commit the United States to drastically reducing its carbon emissions while allowing some countries to increase theirs. This, all while doing nothing to meaningfully decrease global temperatures.
According to a recent National Economic Research Associates Economic Consulting study, the Paris Agreement could obliterate $3 trillion of GDP, 6.5 million industrial sector jobs and $7,000 in per capita household income from the American economy by 2040. Meeting the 2025 emissions reduction target alone could subtract $250 billion from our GDP and eliminate 2.7 million jobs. The cement, iron and steel, and petroleum refining industries could see their production cut by 21% 19%, and 11% respectively.
Not only would these unfair standards reduce American job growth and wages and increase monthly utility costs for hardworking families, they would fundamentally disadvantage the United States in the global economy. The result: our economic output would lag while other countries continued to expand their GDPs.
Would you like to see President Trump withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord or stay in?

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