Only a few months ago, Republican senators joined with the Democrats to fund the government through December. They were put in a situation where they either had to raise the debt ceiling or let the United States go bankrupt. Although they held out for a while, enough republicans sided with the Democrats to push it through, and it made many of their constituents angry.  

It has only been a few months and they are put in the same position again. The republicans are holding up a vote on the debt ceiling to fund the US through February, and they are using it to try and shut down the vaccination mandate. How will it end this time? The Republicans will end up voting with the Democrats. Let me tell you why I think that.  

There is not really anything for the republicans to gain by holding out. They can show force to make it look like they are willing to bankrupt the country, but they do not want their name on a bankruptcy right before Christmas. The courts have already put a pause on the vaccine mandate, which also weakens their stance with the common American people. The republicans are winning the culture war right now and it may hurt them to hold out too long. They will be siding with the Democrats soon enough. 

Many of our listeners want to see the debt of the United States paid down, but it will never happen. First, even the republicans will never be willing to cut social welfare programs because it would hurt them politically. Social welfare is where the debt is ballooning the most. Second, the next place that could possibly be cut is military spending. The republicans are never going to cut the military, and the Democrats would put two dollars into social spending for every dollar that they cut from the military. This only leave the third option which is to raise taxes. Republicans will not raise taxes, and again the democrats would put every dollar into social welfare and green energy. This creates a situation where we will never pay our debt down. 

If the US government were a household, the bankers would have already come to take the house. All we can do as voters is try and vote for fiscally conservative representatives that can slow the train down enough that inflation will catch up with our debt. Sadly, that sounds almost as bad as the other options. 

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