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The Taco War in Texas continues to heat up as cities across the state enjoy claiming that they are the home of the best tacos. For years, San Antonio and Austin residents have taken to social media to claim their city has the best tacos. But could the worst city in Texas for tacos really be a major city that is also a big foodie town? According to the website Clever, the answer is yes.

The Worst City In Texas For Tacos Is...

According to a study done by Clever, the city of Dallas ranked last among major cities in Texas. In fact, nationally Dallas came in at number 20 out of 50 cities ranked. Which according to the Dallas Morning News puts Dallas at "above-average", but come on, you're telling me that Milwaukee (14) Salt Lake City (11) and Denver (9) all have a better taco experience than Dallas? If true, Dallas should be ashamed.

The Best Tacos Can Be Found In Texas

The good news for Texas? Three Texas cities ranked in the top 10.

Houston was ranked as the tenth best city in America for tacos. San Antonio came at number four in the nation, and the number one city in America and Texas to get tacos? Austin, Texas.

Of course, that's just according to one website.

TJ Dragotta, Unsplash
TJ Dragotta, Unsplash

How Did The Taco Ratings Work?

According to the Dallas Morning News, the study done took into account many things, including Yelp ratings.

The study used a weighted scale to determine the best taco cities in America. The writer looked at how many taco residents existed per 100,000 residents and per square mile; the average Yelp ratings of these restaurants; the percentage of total restaurants in the area that are taquerias; the regional cost of ingredients; and something called “taco passion,” measured by taco-related terms on Google Trends.

The Taco Editor at Texas Monthly, which sounds like a pretty cool job, pushed back against Dallas' ranking to the Dallas Morning News.

A few of the micro-segments in the study show that Dallas is No. 4 in the country for birria tacos and likewise No. 4 for breakfast tacos. All four Texas cities ranked in the top 5 in both of those categories.

Ralat adds some useful context: “As for why Dallas isn’t the worst taco city, I’d say this: Dallas is maligned by Texans from other cities. The reputation they attached to Dallas is outdated. Folks don’t spend enough time searching for great tacos here. They aren’t looking hard enough or long enough.”

So maybe the debate continues for who has the best and worst tacos in Texas. Though for now, it seems as though Austin does have the bragging rights. At least among the larger cities.

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