Thursday on The Chad Hasty Show, District 28 Senator Charles Perry joined the program to share the latest news from the 87th Texas Legislature.

Perry and Hasty discussed the debate taking place around SB-7 which clarifies and codifies voting rules in Texas, as well as the announced opposition to the bill by American Airlines.

While talking about the bill, Perry said,

Well it's the Democrat's hill to die on. They've made that clear coming into session that they didn't want want to see an omnibus voter rights bill... or voter security bill, and that's what Senate Bill 7 is. Now honestly, it really didn't change the game, it's what Texas has always done. We just made it clear in statute that local jurisdictions, for the most part, can't override state law. During the pandemic there were numerous new ways to vote that were created at the local level that were in violation of the Texas constitution as well as state law, and all we did is say those are no longer acceptable practices, and by statute now that will be no longer allowed to happen, no matter what the environment is. It really didn't [substantially] change what Texas has always done [with respect] to mail-in ballots. It does outlaw effectively curb-side voting. Under certain circumstances they are still allowed, but that was already allowed in Texas. The mail-in ballot process in Texas was always secure and pretty solid, we're just not going to allow this blanket wholesale mail out of ballots like Harris County tried...We've got a system that prevents people from doing mischievous things to it.

Listen to the entire interview with Senator Charles Perry in the player above. 

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