State Senate District 28 candidate Jodey Arrington, currently campaigning throughout the district, spoke with Chad Hasty on Friday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, August 15, 2014.

Arrington is a West Texas native who grew up in Plainview. He was inspired by a school teacher to get into politics, and has received two degrees from Texas Tech University. In the past, Arrington spent 10 years working for George W. Bush when Bush was both Governor of Texas and President of the United States. Since then Arrington has been working with Texas Tech University Chancellor Kent Hance on growth and improvement at TTU.

Arrington spoke about the issues he believes are uppermost in voters minds. On removing incentives for people coming into the country illegally, Arrington said, "We've got to stop ... providing the services and opportunities to folks who don't pay taxes, who don't have a stake in our future, and who aren't standing in line like a million others every year to become American citizens."

On agriculture water pumping rights, Arrington said, "I think it belongs to them. I think it's a fundamental right as an American, I think it's quintessential for Texans, to believe in private property rights, and I think the water rights of those who own the property are theirs". He continued, "If Austin decides to involved and make those decisions ... at that point the right to capture has been violated, and they have taken our water, our property, our agriculture and our economy. I feel that strongly about it."

Arrington also spoke about several other issues including the "campus carry" and "open carry" issues, budget issues, as well as public schools and school choice.

Five other candidates are running in the Special Election for SD 28. They are: Delwin Jones, Jodey Arrington, E.M. Garza, Kerry Douglas McKennon, Greg Wortham, and Charles Perry.

For more information about Jodey Arrington, visit his website  or his Facebook page.

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