Friday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, the Editor of the Quorum Report Scott Braddock joined Dave and Matt to talk about the RNC, Trump's speech, democratic cities, protests, football, Hurricane Laura, Pelosi, and more.

Braddock started the discussion by talking about the RNC and Trump's speech that he gave last night. Braddock said, "I thought it was a barn burner of a speech," but that it went on for a very long time at 70 minutes. He also discussed how this was the first time that there has been an acceptance speech for a presidential nomination in front of the white house. In reference to Trump's speech in front of the white house, Braddock said, "He basically said this is the house where I live, I'm not leaving, I'm not giving up the keys. And basically saying to Biden, bring it." He went on to say that he thinks Biden's speech last week was pretty impressive, and he thinks that Trump did similarly well last night.

Scott also talked about cities that have been having major protests. He discussed how, at the RNC, Rudy Giuliani talked about how New York was different when he ran it. Braddock said that a lot of people like Giuliani and that he has been very loyal to Trump, and that he thinks that saying things like 'liberal cities are functioning poorly' is probably one of the best ways that Republicans can frame things right now in their favor. However, Braddock thinks that there is also a bit of a disparity, considering that most cities are not having protests, and so the average person may see Republicans complaining about protests and not see how it is relevant to them.


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