Friday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, editor of the Quorum Report Scott Braddock joined Matt Martin to talk about the accusations with Attorney General Ken Paxton, potential corruption, the Governor during COVID, abolishing standardized testing, and more.

The discussion was started when Braddock was asked about Attorney General Ken Paxton being investigated by the FBI. Braddock said that it's amazing how in any other year, this would be the biggest story in Texas, but that with all the craziness going on at the national level, it barely seems to make a blip. Braddock reminded Matt that the Attorney General's office is such an important and powerful office, and that they handle very basic and fundamental things, so for it to be in such disarray is very unfortunate. Paxton has said that he will not back down, despite the nature of the allegations, but Scott mentions that Paxton's own former staffers are the ones who are saying that he is guilty of the accusations, including some very conservative people, who are in fact his very top staffers, saying that he is abusing his office, having an improper relationship with a campaign contributor in Austin, and having an extramarital affair with a woman who was given a job by that campaign contributor. Scott said, "It's all really sort of nasty stuff that's really boiling over."

Another topic that was discussed was Governor Abbott during COVID-19. Matt mentioned that the Governor has not implemented new restrictions in Texas, despite increased numbers and the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, and questioned whether his lack of changes could be due to the legislative session coming up, and Abbott potentially being afraid that his power will be pulled back. Braddock mentioned that its possible, since this will be the only chance that the legislature is guaranteed a chance to do something about Abbott. Braddock went on to talk about how Abbott has received a lot of criticism both from republicans and democrats in the recent past as he threw out executive orders, and explained that some think that Abbott did not do enough to help, and some think that he did too much. Scott, on the other hand, mentioned that he's just upset that Abbot didn't stick to his own plans, and reversed himself.

Finally, Braddock was asked about the bipartisan call for Texas to get rid of standardized testing and school ratings. Scott was asked if the people against tests now are the same people that have been against such tests in the past, to which Braddock answered yes. He went on to say that all over the state, every member of the legislature has received phone calls from parents that say that students take way too many tests, and with the mess that schools are right now with the virus and virtual learning, that we shouldn't be having these tests count the way they have in the past.


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