Friday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Scott Braddock editor of the Quorum Report joined Dave and Matt to talk about the impeachment trial, Michael Bloomberg's advertising in different areas, and more.

With the impeachment trial against Donald Trump looking like it's starting to round off to a close, Braddock was asked about his thoughts. Braddock explained that we are already seeing the political repercussions from the impeachment, with a recent Texas House special election that included a question in the poll that asked if people supported removing Trump from office, of which 56% voted no. Scott wondered if that vote could be flipped in other parts of the state and country, and overall wonders what the impeachment will mean for the democratic and republican party moving forward.

Braddock was also asked about Michael Bloomberg and his advertising. Braddock said that Bloomberg is spending a ton of money on advertising, and targeting it to specific areas. In an area like Lubbock he is talking about his support for veterans in his commercials, while in places like Houston they are more focussed on climate change and taking on the gun lobby. Braddock finds it interesting how Bloomberg is handling it all, especially with Bloomberg skipping early states and trying to rack up delegates in places like California and Texas. Braddock expects that Bloomberg is hoping to drive up his numbers, and then deny other candidates an outright pass to the nomination before the convention.

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