On Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Ted Cruz, the newly elected Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, talked with Chad Hasty and Allen Corbin about winning the election and plans for the next step in his campaign.

Cruz was very thankful for all the support he received during the race, and said that his receiving the nomination was not just a victory for the Tea Party, but for everyone.

...this was a victory that was won by the grassroots, and is a testament to the thousands and thousands of Republican women and Tea Party leaders and grassroots activists who poured their hearts into this race, and the biggest thing I want to say to you and to everyone listening is "Thank you."

Cruz said that there are at least 6 or 7 strong constitutional conservatives in the Senate, and that he's very much like to see that number double by the end of 2012. He also said that, if elected, his top priority would be repealing Obamacare completely. But for now, Cruz is putting his focus on the campaign and running against the Democratic nominee Paul Sadler, and said he is looking forward to debating him.

Cruz also gave his views on the department of education. He said of the department that he would like to see it abolished, and that power be resorted to the local level of government.