On the Monday edition of Lubbock's First News hosted by Rob Snyder and Ken Corbin, Representative Randy Neugebauer joined the show to talk about a number of subjects, including the relationship between Russia and China, as well as oil prices in the United States.

Positive relations between Russia and China continue to be in the news, and many people worldwide are questioning China's motives behind the Chinese loan to Russian companies of about 25 billion dollars.

When asked about the relations and reason for the Chinese loans, Neugebauer said,

Their [Russia] economy is in, really, not very good shape, and so, my guess is the Chinese see an opportunity to invest in Russian businesses at this point and time.

When asked about rising oil prices and the effect those prices will have on the U.S. economy, Neugebauer responded,

When the oil prices go down, it helps part of our economy, when it goes up it helps another at the expense of the other. But I think the economy had already adapted somewhat to higher oil prices prior to these prices going down, and so obviously it could have some impact, but, you know again, we need to let oil, let these markets determine what oil is actually worth.

Neugebauer also talked about the anniversary of the devastating tornado that tore through Lubbock on May 11, 1970.

Listen to the entire interview with Representative Randy Neugebauer in the video box above.

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