Representative Randy Neugebauer (R) joined Tom Collins and Laura Mac, Monday on Lubbock's First News to talk about ISIS and the crisis in the Middle East, Russian President Vladmir Putin, and Health Care.

Neugebauer, when asked about what is actually the correct name for the group, said that most people in briefings are now referring to them as "ISIL", but there is no official designation as the group keeps changing the name themselves. More important though is the fact that the group continues to grown in both finances and members as time goes by he said.

Neugebauer discussed the many people from the United States and other western countries who continue to leave their home countries to join and fight with ISIS, and how nations need to firm up their rules as to those people not being allowed to return.

As for the coalition of countries that President Obama is trying to build to fight the group, Neugebauer said that there have not really been any specifics as to which countries will provide what assistance to the US in the fight.

"It's a very complex world over there, and obviously, now a very dangerous part", Neugebauer said.

Neugebauer also discussed Russia's President Vladmir Putin and the Ukraine situation, and how Putin has lost respect for the United States and this administration. Neugebauer also spoke about health care, and Congressional attempts to pass HR3522 which would ensure that employers would be able to keep health care plans as President Obama promised.

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