EDITOR'S NOTE August 16, 2013:

Hours after the interview with Rep. John Frullo, Michael Quinn Sullivan admitted a miscalculation with the rating assigned to Frullo in the Texans For Fiscal Responsibility Fiscal Responsibility Index report. Specifically, Rep. Frullo voted along the Texans For Fiscal Responsibility anti-Medicaid expansion position on votes 22, 48 and 60 on the TFR scorecard.


Texas Legislature

On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, State Representative John Frullo (R- Lubbock) called in to refute a claim that he had voted in favor of Medicaid expansion in Texas.

Earlier in the show, Michael Quinn Sullivan from Empower Texans spoke with Chad Hasty to discuss the results of the Fiscal Responsibility Index and how local lawmakers fared on the index. Sullivan pointed out that Frullo had scored much lower than he scored last year as a result of bad votes. He then claimed that Frullo had voted in favor of expanding Medicaid, which many viewed as the "implementation vote" of Obamacare. You can hear the complete inter with Sullivan via this link.

Frullo called in later in the program and denied having ever voted in favor of Medicaid expansion and that he had been against Obamacare from the very beginning.

"...I have been against Obamacare from the start. I think it's a terrible system. It's one of those items that will kill our state. I think the other states that are implementing it are doing the wrong thing. And I just want to clear up that misconception that's being laid out there."

Frullo went on to say that sometimes reports like the Fiscal Responsibility Index can cause incorrect information to spread, and that the only "score card" that matters to him is the votes of the people in his district.

Listen to the full interview with John Frullo here:

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