District 84 Representative John Frullo was kind enough to allow the Chad Hasty Show to be broadcast live from his capitol office on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, allowing many important people in Austin to interview live on the show.

Representative Frullo was one of those that joined Chad for an interview, and talked about the extensive legislation in front of the legislature.

The 84th Legislature has filed the second most number of bills in Texas history, totaling 6,305 total bills in joint resolutions filed.

Frullo and Hasty talked about a number of the topics on tap, including transportation, weapons bills, border issues, education, texting while driving and tax cuts.

Also discussed was the issue of the state possibly reigning in some local ordinances. As an example, Frullo talked about how a type of pocket knife can be legal to carry in one Texas city, but not legal to carry in a different city:

Local control works until, you know, it get out of control. And from that standpoint I mean, where things just don't make sense. In the example I just gave you where one [knife] is legal in their hometown, and not legal in another one. It doesn't make sense. I think we're making criminals out of people who have no intentions of being criminals in that case.

Hasty and Frullo talked in depth about the issues involving weapons carry. Asked what is expected to pass, Frullo said:

We come out with a, most likely a campus carry, and then also we will have an open carry.

Frullo continued:

I and many of my colleagues are not for what people are calling the "constitutional carry", which means that we make a constitutional amendment and put in law that you can open carry. The problem with that is people that are not allowed to posses firearms, convicted felons, folks like that,  under constitutional carry would be able to. And so I don't think any of us want that to happen or see that happen.

Thanks again to Representative John Frullo and his staff for the great hospitality and assistance in broadcasting from his office this week.

Watch the interview with Representative John Frullo in the video above.

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