Thursday on The Chad Hasty Show, District 19 Representative Jodey Arrington appeared on the program to discuss the ongoing partial government shutdown over the border wall and national security, and to share his positions on the situation.

Arrington set the tone for the conversation about President Trump's firm stance on building a wall to increase southern border security, and the media hype over the continued partial government shutdown and it's effects, saying,

I think everybody in West Texas has to be scratching their heads on this issue of the shutdown and border security. You mentioned it, I was listening to you. Seventy five percent of the government is open. We got the troops paid, we have social security checks coming, Medicare, veterans are receiving their services...Look, I don't want to shut the government down...for just anything...But when you're talking about an imminent threat to the lives of the American people and our families and communities, especially in border states like Texas, I think this is one where you have to stand your ground, you've got to fight...and I think that the president's got to hold the line and continue to message to the people.

Arrington continued, saying,

Whether it's a loser or not politically, this is the right thing to do. Nancy Pelosi's comment about walls being immoral is just the most ridiculous and absurd thing I've ever heard. What's immoral is for a government who's first job, and most important job is to provide for the common defense of it's citizens, [to have] totally abdicated it's job over decades. And now we've got a president that's got the guts to stand up to this government, to the culture of Washington, to the media, and do what's right. I'm standing with him.

Arrington and Hasty continued to discuss the effects of the shutdown on citizens and federal employees, and other points in the arguments.

When asked by Hasty about his opinion on whether or not the president should declare a national emergency over the porous border, if the opposition continues to resist his efforts, Arrington replied,

I think he's got to do it...He continues to reach out and extend the hand of negotiation to the Democrats, and they are completely recalcitrant, completely dug in and unwilling to negotiate.

Arrington and Hasty also talked about other angles surrounding the border issue, as well as rural health care and more.

Listen to the entire interview with Representative Jodey Arrington in the video above.

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