District 19 Representative Jodey Arrington joined the The Chad Hasty Show on Thursday to talk about the ongoing efforts of the GOP to accomplish tax reform this year, the newly passed national defense spending authorization, as well as agriculture and more.

About the importance of the reforms, Arrington explained,

It's an opportunity for the Senate to redeem themselves, but for all Americans it's an opportunity to make our country more competitive, it's an opportunity to give a much needed, much deserved tax break for hard working American families. This is the center-pole in the tent for economic growth and getting out of this ten years of stagnation and two percent GDP. We've just gotten way too used to that. We can do better for our people.

While emphasizing the importance of these having reforms passed now, Arrington said,

If we don't get this through, the party is over, and we won't get an opportunity to advance this conservative agenda because we won't be in the majority.

Arrington and Hasty also discussed the recent passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which provides about $200 billion more than the last authorization passed during the Barack Obama administration.

Arrington explained the efforts of leaders to ensure that the new B-21 "Raider" heavy bomber, which is in development for the U.S. Air Force, will be stationed at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene. About those efforts, and why it appears that Dyess will receive the new aircraft, Arrington said, "I am very confident that we're going to get it. Abilene has won the award for the best community to host a bomber base so many times that they named the trophy 'The Abilene Trophy'. I give all the credit to Abilene and their leadership and [to] Dyess."

Arrington continued, saying,

For the remainder of the twenty first century Abilene Texas will have the next bomber, that's eighty years, that's over a million dollars a day to their economy. That's a huge win for West Texas...I'm very confident that's going to happen.

Listen to the full interview with Representative Jodey Arrington in the video above.

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