Texas's 19th Congressional District Representative Randy Neugebauer visited with Lubbock's First News' Tom Collins and Laura Mac Monday morning (Jan. 5) to discuss the race for Speaker of the House and the Keystone Pipeline legislation.

Neugebauer said he will be supporting current Speaker of the House Republican John Boehner in the upcoming election. He admitted that he while he doesn't always agree with Boehner and has voted against him on several issues in the past, he'll support him because no strong Republican candidate has stepped forward to challenge Boehner.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi will oppose Boehner when the House gathers to vote on leadership in January.

The country needs leadership that can unify the nation, said Neugebauer, who believes Boehner is the least divisive of the options.

The Lubbock Congressman added that there is enough support in both houses of Congress to override a presidential veto of legislation to approve the building of the Keystone Pipeline. A two-thirds majority vote in both houses is need to override a veto.

To hear all of Neugebauer's interview, click play below: