On Wednesday, July 22, federal prosecutors asked a judge to return a sentence of life imprisonment for a former Plainveiw CEO.

Stewart Parnell, the former CEO of Peanut Corporation of America, owned processing plants in Plainview as well as Blakely, Georgia and Suffolk, Virginia that were found to have been contaminated with salmonella back in 2008. The outbreak ultimately lead the deaths of nine people, and caused 700 or more others to become ill.

Prosecutors said, “The evidence linking those 714 people to the PCA outbreak is clear, overwhelming, and un-contradicted.”

The company has since filed for bankruptcy and been shut down.

Parnell was convicted of conspiracy, fraud and introduction of adulterated food back in September of 2014. Sentencing in this case for Parnell and  a few others involved in PCA has been scheduled for September 21. That date is subject to change.

{Via Everything Lubbock}