An investigation of a reported kidnapping has revealed some truths in the story of a local teen. On Thursday, January 19, it was reported on social media that the Crosby County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with multiple Sheriff's Offices, had launched an investigation. The investigation was due to a reported kidnapping that occurred on State Highway 207 and Farm-to-Market Road 1471 on January 18.

A 16-year-old boy was said to have been helping someone change out a blown out tire when they were kidnapped and taken to a barn somewhere between Plainview and Kress. That 16-year-old was then tied up but eventually gained access to his pocket knife and was able to free himself another boy being held captive in the barn.

It was also reported by KAMC news that there were other children around but that the boy was only able to free the one other boy. The story started to change online as the barn turned into a room and raised many questions among concerned parents in the surrounding areas.

After an intense investigation it was later revealed that the story was a false statement and that there was no threat to any residents in the area of kidnapping or anything in relation to the incident. As of now there is currently no word as to if the teenager boy will face any kind of consequences as Exaggerating in a Police Report or Filing a False Report is considered a Class B Misdemeanor in the state of Texas, along with some fines.

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