President Obama is in Ireland today and his day seemed to be going alright until he had some car problems. The Presidential limo is known as "The Beast" and when you watch the video you will be able to see just how different even the doors are. About :38 seconds in, the doors to the beast open up and you can see how thick they are.

The Beast is supposed to be able to withstand virtually any type of attack, but on Monday President Obama's limo was following behind one of the other cars in the motorcade when his limo got stuck on the ramp. According to Yahoo and AFP:

The first cars in the presidential motorcade emerged up the ramp from the car park beneath the complex in Ballsbridge and passed through the gates without incident, but The Beast quickly ran into trouble and got beached.

"The Beast was coming along and suddenly there was a loud kind of bang, metal-on-metal, grinding, crunching noise and the car was stuck," an RTE reporter said.

The reporter said that as it drove out, the car appeared to have got its low underbelly caught on a piece of metal sticking up that a gate might lock into.

Oops. Watch the video below.