A Plainview police officer was involved in a three-car crash Monday.

No injuries were reported in the crash that occurred around 10:30 a.m. at the intersection of Fifth and Date Streets in Plainview.

According to the Plainview Daily Herald, John LaFuente, 76, was driving west on Fifth St. when he turned left in front of Officer Brandon Hodges’, 31, patrol car, which was traveling east, causing the two to crash. As a result of that collision, LaFuente’s car struck Calvin Dale Frasier’s, 66, car that was stopped at a traffic light.

LaFuente was issued a citation for failing to yield to oncoming traffic and all three vehicles had to be towed away.

An investigation was ongoing Monday afternoon, but a spokesperson for the department said the case was “clear-cut with plenty of video evidence.” The spokesperson said they did not anticipate any charges to be filed and that the incident appeared to be a complete accident.