Everyone can appreciate a beautiful sunset. The colors melt together from blue, purple, pink, orange and yellow, all painting a stunning image as the light bounces off soft clouds. It all sounds amazing, right? Well, only seasoned Texans understand the real meaning behind one of those stunning Texas sunsets.

TikToker @courtney_partyof5 perfectly captured what it is like seeing a Texas sunset as someone that is new to the state, versus someone that has lived here a while.

New Texans will be amazed by the sunset, immediately pulling out their phones to take a picture. They probably post it to their Instagram or Snapchat story with some cheesy quote about nature's beauty. Then they set it as the background on their phone to proudly show off their photography skills. There's nothing wrong with doing this; I'll admit that I’ve done that a time or two. But things change once you've been in Texas for a while.

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You might still capture that beautiful photo, but then you're on a mission to prepare for whatever inclement weather is on its way. As beautiful as that sunset might be, it usually means a storm is brewing and you probably want to park your car in the garage, secure anything that can blow away and bring in anything else you don’t want to be ruined by rain or hail damage. You'll also start feeling those bad joints aching as they sense the rain on its way.

Many people new to Texas learn this stuff the hard way, but you get used to it after a while. You'll always appreciate that beautiful sky, but you will quickly learn that beauty comes at a cost.

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