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It's about time!

Constitutional Carry will be heard on the Texas House floor this session. Chairman of the House Calendars Committee, Dustin Burrows, scheduled Constitutional Carry for debate on Thursday. This will be the first time Constitutional Carry has received a vote on the House floor despite the issue being a priority for Republican’s for years.

House Bill 1927 by Matt Schaefer would allow anyone over the age of 21 carry a firearm as long as they are not prohibited by state or federal law. There will be much debate over this bill and many amendments that will be debated as well.

One thing we already know? Texas won’t be leading on this issue. The State of Tennessee just recently became the 20th state to recognize Constitutional Carry. So what’s taking Texas so long? There will be fear mongering about this bill for sure, but Constitutional Carry is not new and there is no evidence it leads to more violence.

If you haven't read the bill and would like to see how it's written as of today, you can read it here. There is nothing scary about the bill and nothing that would introduce more violence in Texas. It simply allows citizens to carry out a right.

As I have said on air many times, I have no problem with Abbott's push for Texas to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State. But if we are going to call ourselves that, we should also examine our own gun laws to see how we can become more free. Otherwise it's just a feel-good piece of legislation that means nothing.

Republicans control the Texas House but that doesn’t mean they have the votes. And there is no guarantee that if it passes the House that it would pass the Texas Senate. Now is the time to get on the phone with your elected officials and urge them to pass Constitutional Carry in Texas.

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