Ninety-Two Bakery is coming to Lubbock, and interestingly, the concept is being brought to us by the folks at Betenbough.

It's quite likely you recognize that name as one of Lubbock's most prolific builders of single-family homes. Knowing Betenbough, it's safe to assume that the low-cost to high-quality ratio will remain the same.

From their website:

Our team at Ninety-Two Bakery & Café, Lubbock’s newest bakery and café inspired by the French countryside, seeks to provide the finest level of hospitality as we serve premium food and coffee to our fellow Lubbockites. Our passion for serving and connecting with people is only matched by our passion for providing affordable and tasty, healthy food and stellar, artisan coffee. Join our team today and get in early on what’s sure to be a top spot in Lubbock’s dining scene.

They are also already hiring for a general manager.

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So far that's all we know for sure, but our friends at Lubbock In the Loop have some theories (and they're usually right):

Location: TBA (possibly former Watering Well location?)
Opening: Early Summer

I love local coffee shops/ bakeries, they usually have such a chill environment over the high-paced, almost mechanical feel of a chain coffee store. I like to get to know my barista. I like to see that they are crafting my drink with both expertise and care. And of course, local money has a tendency to stay way more local, which improves our economy.

If you're curious about how that works, look into "velocity of money," it's quite interesting.

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