Local volunteers will be planting new trees at one of Lubbock's most visited parks. On Wednesday, Keep Lubbock Beautiful with STRIVE Fuel and ALON 7-Eleven will plant shade trees at McAlister Park. Some of the types of trees to be planted will be Burr Oak, Texas Red Oak, and Western Soapberry.

“McAlister Park is one of the main thoroughfares – with high visibility of traffic and a highly visited park. There are softball fields, large playground and an area that is a habitat for wildlife. Through our ongoing, outstanding partnership with ALON 7-Eleven with STRIVE Fuel, these trees will improve McAlister Park and make sure the area continues to be a popular, frequently visited park,” says Raquel Padilla, Staff Liaison at Keep Lubbock Beautiful. McAlister Park also houses the Legacy Play Village.

The tree planting event starts Wednesday morning at 10am. Find out more about STRIVE Fuel at www.strivefuel.com

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