Having just celebrated their grand opening in May of this year, this stunningly beautiful, brand new Lubbock nail spa promises to take amazing care of you. Even the air is different there!

Lonestar 99.5 spoke with Inspire Nail Spa's Johnny Dang, who owns the salon with his wife Hannah, to understand what sets them apart.

State-of-the-art air filtration, natural nail care, the highest standards of cleanliness, a carefully structured menu of services, a warranty and a genuine friendly smile for their customers make this a salon that takes everything you expect at a nail spa to an incredibly new level, Dang explained.

Raising the bar in every way, Inspire Nail Spa is fully committed to both the health and happiness of their customer. The very first thing the Inspire owner pointed out was their air freshness.

They are proud to have made the investment in their customer's health and happiness with their state-of-the-art air filtration. He said that many health concerns in nail spas, such as asthmatic reactions, are addressed by cleaning up the air. Pretty tremendous! Inspire is the first nail salon I've ever visited that didn't smell like a nail salon.

The next step in the process of being a truly wonderful experience, Dang explained, is their natural nail care with fresh new specials every month. The month of July offers a carefully created rose, chamomile and cherry blossom scrub, with natural sugar cane for their pedicures.

He said they work to remember every customer's name and to be very welcoming.

"I treat people how I like to be treated," Dang said. Inspire is a friendly place!

Inspire's owner also explained their commitment to a reassuring level of cleanliness.

"Every customer has their own personal kit that we give to them," Dang said. Each customer is given their own file and buffer. Plus, every pedicure tub has a fresh liner for every customer.

Focused on insuring that customers receive the treatment they request, Dang has created a carefully designed menu which outlines the details of every service and allows you to check mark your specific requests and needs.

"There's no miscommunication between the customer and the technician," he told me (see the photo gallery below). The menu outlines every step of the process, so that you fully understand what services you are requesting and receiving.

Inspire is also committed to service after you leave and honors every customer with a warranty card.

"Every customer walks out of the salon [with a] warranty card," Dang said. "If anything happens, they chip their nail, we are happy to fix it for them with no charge."

What Are Dipping Nails?

When we asked what nails are the biggest thing right now, the answer was Dipping Nails.

"You dip your nails into the powder," Dang said. It's a natural product with vitamins that helps your nails grow. You can treat your natural nails with this before adding tips and your natural nail will retain greater health to grow.

Inspire Nail Spa is breaking new ground and spearheading industry standards. It has made a seriously well thought out investment to assure you of the very best nail spa experience. Lonestar 99.5 is proud to welcome Inspire Nail Spa to Lubbock!

You can explore Lubbock's brand new Inspire Nail Spa experience on 98th just west of Quaker and you can visit their website for more details and information. Enjoy!


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