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You really never know what you will find on the Nextdoor app. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I told you about a local Karen who was very concerned about people grilling in their front yards and kids being outside having fun.

While Nextdoor does have a lot people complaining about things big and small, it also serves as the new "blotter" for local crime. With so many people having cameras at their home and in driveways, much more crime is being able to be seen these days.

One of the latest crimes posted happened on Friday night is appears in the Tech Terrace neighborhood. According to the post on the Nextdoor App, a naked man (though in the video he was wearing a shirt) broke into a home in Tech Terrace. The person who uploaded the video said that the pants-less bandit stole things that belonged to the occupants of the home. The poster claimed that the man stole laptops and Air Pods.

Nextdoor App
Nextdoor App

At the time, there was a $1,000 reward for information leading to his identify. However, you would have to know him really well since the video released was of the suspect's full moon.

The poster also claimed that Lubbock police officers did not take fingerprints when they arrived at the house.

Fortunately, a potential suspect was found and reportedly detained by law enforcement according to an update on the Nextdoor post.

There was no description of how the burglar was able to get into the home or if anyone was home at the time of the break-in. It does serve as a reminder to keep your doors locked, windows locked, and, if you can, get cameras.

Oh, and don't go around breaking into people's homes while fully clothed -- or naked.

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