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I've seen a lot of odd posts on an app called Nextdoor, but the one I saw this morning might be one of the strangest.

If you aren't familiar with the Nextdoor app, allow me to briefly explain. The free app is where, in theory, you can communicate with your neighbors, those around your neighborhood and others. Many of the posts include information about garage sales or questions about who to hire for yard and house work. Then, there are many posts about lost pets and questions like: "were those gunshots?"

And then you have those who like to take to Nextdoor to complain about neighbors. You know, like people using the wrong dumpster, playing loud music, and, just today, a post asking why people are using their front yards for fun when they have back yards that are perfectly suitable for fun.

No, really.

The concerned resident of Lubbock took to Nextdoor and posted this:

I see so many families have family events and barbecue in the front yard. What in the world is the backyard for? Especially for kids to play!! Why are kids playing in the front yard with crime and predators everywhere!! Parents keep your babies in the backyard not the front yard!! Too many predators!! Stay in your BACKYARD!! Just read where a child was almost kidnapped!!! So why do you have a backyard.

Screenshot Nextdoor App
Screenshot: Nextdoor

As you can see above, not everyone agreed with the concerned citizen.

Look, I get it -- the world can be a dangerous place. But don't be that person questioning why people are enjoying their front yard. It's their home and they can do what they want. And children should be able to play in both the back and front yard. When I was a kid, all the neighborhood kids would be playing in the street and in empty lots around the house.

Be a good neighbor. Pay attention to what's happening in your neighborhood. And remember, sometimes you just need to mind your own business and not tell people where they can have fun at their own home.

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