Tuesday on Lubbock's First News, Tom and Laura interviewed Brenda Willis, a Lubbock County Justice of the Peace candidate for Precinct 4. Tom and Laura kicked off the week with an interview with Debra Burton.

Willis was selected as the Precinct 4 Constable last year. However, she had to resign from the position to run in the current race for JP. Prior to working as Constable, she worked in law enforcement for 28 years, including the jail division, warrants, and the court division. She has a  Bachelor degree in law enforcement from Wayland Baptist University.

Willis said, "I think I have a wide variety of law enforcement, as far as working on the job and in the court system." Although Willis originally intended to continue as Constable, when the filing was extended for the JP position she jumped at the opportunity. Willis believes Stratton acted unethically and said she is working to apply honestly for the position. To prepare for the primaries, Willis is walking door-to-door and fundraising.

Listen to the full interview: