Wednesday on Lubbock's First News, Tom and Laura continued with their interviews of candidates for the Lubbock County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace position.

Ann-Marie Carruth is one of four other candidates that stepped up to challenge Margaret Anne Brown after the filing deadline was extended last year. She is a privately practicing attorney in Lubbock. Although originally from Lamesa, she attended Texas Tech University, for a degree in agriculture and the TTU School of Law. Carruth's campaign webpage has more details of her experience and qualifications.

"It's what I've grown up around... I grew up with a respect for the court and for the integrity that the bench and the position should have."  Carruth said that since practicing as an attorney, she is now ready to work on the other side. Her work in law and opening her offices have given her experience with administration and other tasks, as well as with interacting with all types of people and situations.

Listen to the full interview: