Marc McDougal received a call on November 26th of 2018 asking if the McDougal Companies would help try to salvage the Reagor-Dykes operations as it worked through the bankruptcy process.

Since then, McDougal companies have had dozens of meetings and calls with the Debtor's counsel, the Chief Restructuring Officer, and with stakeholders that have money tied up in the Reagor-Dykes operation.

McDougal companies also met with numerous investors who might be interested in helping put a deal together to create a new ownership group that can take over the operations, help consumers, and save jobs of the many West Texans employed by R-D.

McDougal Companies, as well as Ewing Auto Group, were invited to Michigan by Ford Motor Credit to attend a "global settlement" meeting. McDougal Companies executives will attend to express thoughts on a productive path forward, which includes jobs, consumer issues, and affected creditors.

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