Would you like a calorie count with your side of fries?

Fast food giant McDonald's announced on Wednesday that it would begin posting the calorie count for its food items on its restaurant and drive-thru menus.

In an action likely to rock the fast-food industry, McDonald's Wednesday said it will post calories for all items on its menu boards and drive-thru menus in the U.S.

The move by the world's largest fast-food chain comes as consumers, regulators and activists are pressuring the industry to improve food quality and share more nutritional information with consumers.

As the fast-food behemoth, McDonald's (MCD) gets the most attention and criticism for its actions, and the rest of the industry often follows its lead. Industry rivals are expected to quickly follow McDonald's menu changes, which start next week.

"It's the right thing to do," says Greg Watson, senior vice president of menu innovation for McDonald's. "It's what a leader would do."

If I really wanted to watch my calories, I wouldn't be going to McDonald's in the first place. The only reason McDonald's and all these other fast food places are going to the trouble is because the White House decided to go on a health kick. (thank you very much, Michelle Obama...) We all know we don't go to the fast food joints to eat healthy. We eat there because it's comfort food; sometimes you just want the greasy and salty and sugary-sweet stuff.

I highly doubt posting the calories will suddenly inspire people to eat healthier. If you want to eat healthy, go somewhere other than McDonald's.