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Many of us have been in this situation before. It's a holiday, you've spent all day or at least a good chunk of the day with family, and now you're on your way home. As you're driving home, you think, 'I could go for a quick snack or a soda or an iced tea from a fast food place.' You just don't know what's open.

That's the situation my wife and I were in when driving home from an Easter Sunday get-together with family. I was looking for a place to grab a drink and my wife said she may get something too depending on where we ended up.

The first place that we saw was open was McDonald's. Apparently half of our part of town also saw McDonald's open because the line wrapped around the building and spilled onto a busy street. We took a pass.

Then, to our surprise, we saw it. Our neighborhood Taco Villa was open! The lights were on and the neon 'OPEN' sign was on. There were cars in the drive-thru, but not nearly as many as McDonald's. My wife was happy about getting a burrito and I was happy as they have really good Dr Pepper (along with their food, but I wasn't there for the food this time).

When we pulled up, we were three cars away from the speaker to place our order. Each car in front of us took an abnormal length of time to order, or at least move away from the speaker. No problem, it's Easter they are probably short on staff.

Finally, I pulled up and waited a couple of minutes. By this time, we had been in line for about 10 minutes. After about 3 minutes, I just said, "hello?" For those who listen to my show, you know I've been out trying to get voice back from losing it a week ago. So my voice is still cracking and at times, hard to hear.

After I didn't get a response, I told the drive-thru speaker, "I'm ready to order!" Nothing from the other side. Here I am, a man wanting a Dr Pepper and a burrito for my wife on Easter, and no one is taking our order. At that point I decided I would just keep shouting, best I could, until someone answered and took my order. Now, I didn't shout any obscenities or anything mean; I just kept saying 'hello, we are ready to order, where are you?' And...I may or may not have made up a song about a burrito.

Did I sound crazy? Probably so.

After at least 5 minutes of talking to the speaker, I noticed the line in the drive-thru had grown. At that point we just drove up to the window to place our order. We pulled around the drive-thru and there were no cars in front of us. We pulled to the window and... noticed the sign that said "Taco Villa Will Be Closed On Easter Sunday."

That's right. Someone left the lights on and the 'OPEN' sign on, but no one was home. No one was taking orders. So on Easter Sunday, I was the guy who spent about 15-20 minutes in a drive-thru and shouted/sang to a speaker where no one was on the side.

We then left and went to McDonald's for a couple of drinks. And as we left McDonald's, I looked over at Taco Villa, still lit up, and still with a line in the drive-thru. And that moment I thought to myself, at least I wasn't the only one.

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