Tuesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, The President of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Eddie McBride joined Dave and Matt to talk about the boom of national chains in Lubbock, unemployment and printing money, upcoming events and programs at the Chamber, increasing pay for the city council, and more.

The conversation started when Dave asked why there is a sudden boom in restaurants opening up in Lubbock. McBride said that Lubbock must be on someone's radar now, and must have hit some scale where big national chains are starting to take interest. Eddie went on to say that it is not just restaurants, but also retail businesses coming in. He thinks it will be a great thing for Lubbock, if they are able to find the staff to run them, which may be difficult with the ongoing pandemic.

McBride also talked about recent and upcoming Chamber of Commerce events and programs. This Thursday, May 14th will be the Chamber's Civic and Public Leadership Academy, which is a day long seminar that could be useful for anyone interested in running a campaign, helping run a campaign, or for people who just want to learn about the elective process. Additionally, the Lubbock City Secretary Becky Garza will explain how to get on boards to volunteer at the city.

Another upcoming Chamber event is the Business Expo, where they will have 100+ businesses exhibiting. The event will take place on Thursday, May 27th at the Civic Center starting at 10 am. If you are interested in joining you can call 806-761-7000, or go by the Chamber building. The Chamber also just held their Businesses After Hours back on May 6th, and Eddie said that they plan to keep it going. Finally, the Chamber is planning on creating an association retirement plan for small businesses. McBride believes that it will help small businesses who want to create retirement plans for their employees, and encourages businesses to join the Chamber if they have not already done so.


Learn more info at lubbockchamber.com and listen to the full interview with the President of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Eddie McBride in the audio above.

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