Friday on Lubbock's First News, Mayor Glen Robertson talked with Tom and Laura about some of the recent troubling issues that have come up within the Lubbock City Council, discussed in the meeting last night.

They covered topics such as Dwight McDonald's failure to reveal his employment by the city as a night magistrate when applying for and accepting a position on the Electric and Utility Board, which is in conflict with the city charter. Robertson observed that "what it really boils down to is that McDonald misrepresented himself when he filled out his application. He did not disclose that he was a magistrate on the line that asked if he was receiving and benefits or pay from the city." He was given the choice to resign or to have the issue put on the agenda; as a result, he is no longer a member on the board.

Also discussed were James Loomis as temporary Interim City Manager, as well as accusations that Victor Hernandez has questionably used the mail service to send mail from his law office. The conversation concluded with a discussion of possibilities for power generation efforts in Lubbock.

Listen to the full interview here to get all the details:

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