Friday on Lubbock's First News, Mayor Glen Robertson discussed some of the main issues covered during the latest Lubbock City Council meeting.

Due to large marble pieces falling from the Omni Building downtown on Avenue K over the years, the street has been closed off. A group upset about the closure, because of its negative effects on business on that street and the surrounding area, gathered to send the message: "Free our street." However, the Council voted against reopening the street at this time because "It's a health and safety issue. It's also a liability issue." The Council is currently in a lawsuit over the building. If the judgment is in favor of the Council, failure of the building's owner to take care of the problem would leave that task to the Council. Robertson noted the problem with this outcome is high estimated cost of demolition and lack of current alternatives.

Robertson briefly touched on Councilman Todd Klein's call for a task force to study effects of pay day lending in Lubbock for making recommendations to state legislatures. Councilman Hernandez stated he wants to regulate lending, but does not want a task force. Robertson also commented on the new appointment of Chad Weaver as City Attorney. Weaver will receive a salary of $186,000, with a 6-month severance agreement, ensuring he will receive 6 months pay if terminated without cause. Robertson said, "I think will do a very good job to managing that office."

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