On Monday's Chad Hasty Show Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak joined the broadcast to talk about the state of the Republican party and conservatism, the Donald Trump campaign, and where the race for the White House is headed.

Mackowiak and Hasty discussed how and why 'super PACs' remove money from the 'Tea Party' and grassroots conservative supporters, as well as the problems plaguing the Donald Trump run for the White House.

Mackowiak, speaking of Trumps regular missteps in the campaign, said,

I think the real Donald Trump is not the one that gives the speeches that someone else writes and he reads from a teleprompter. The real Donald Trump is the guy you see at the rallies. And that's where he's undisciplined, unfocused, at times unhinged, and he's saying what he really thinks. And some of that's fine. Some of it's good and it's on message. A lot of it is off message, and that's why his campaign has been off the tracks of late.

Listen to the entire interview with Matt Mackowiak in the video above.

Matt Mackowiak is a political commentator, syndicated columnist, and is the co-founder of the bipartisan political news blog Must Read Texas.

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