Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist and co-founder of Must Read Texas, Matt Mackowiak made predictions about the likelihood of government shutdown. He also commented on Senator John Cornyn's vote on Senator Ted Cruz.

Mackowiak observed the need for a neutral mandate between the House and Senate. He is unsure of the end results; however, he does believe there will be a few days that the shutdown will be endured.

Mackowiak stated that it it necessary for negotiations to take place. Furthermore, the upcoming debt limit in a few weeks pose a bigger problem. He does not believe there are deals being cut behind the scenes among representatives. Though, he did note that "the shutdown issue has been consumed, almost exclusively, by the defund Obamacare effort." He said there is a possibility that the president and democrats may want the government shutdown because it would harm republicans, but that something must be passed. Mackowiak said, "at the end of the day, we still have a majority of republicans in the House of Representatives and a majority of them have to support whatever the ultimate deal is. Republicans have to have a win here on the shutdown or this incident will continue."

Regarding the recent uproar over Senator Cornyn's decision not to back Senator Cruz's approach to Obamacare, Mackowiak highlighted the primary competition between the two that this may give way to. He also observed that if Cornyn did not support Cruz, it was because he did not think it is the best option for the state, nor for the nation.

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