This time of year, we hear of amazing people doing amazing things. What U.S. Marine veteran Ryan Weldon is doing ranks way up there in the amazing category.

Weldon is walking 5,000 miles across the United States to raise awareness about PTSD and save lives.

Texas Tech University's Military & Veteran Programs hosted Weldon at the Student Union Lobby to speak for an hour on the topic of PTSD and his journey.

The veteran says that the number of active military and veterans who suffer with PTSD is staggering and he also said that there is a "stigma associated with PTSD is that the person suffering is crazy."

He said his 5,000-mile journey is to educate people and break down the common barriers and stigmas attached to PTSD.

Ryan is 3,000 miles into his 5,000-mile journey. A highlight for the journey for Weldon so far has been the people.

"The military people who come up to me and are grateful that someone understands," he said.

Weldon is a person with a voice and a mission to bring awareness to a subject that is so misunderstood or ignored. He said the only obstacle is mental, saying that there have been moments where he's considered quitting, but reminds himself that he's already come this far.

Weldon said that the best advice he can give to someone suffering with PTSD is to "get involved with a program with people who are going through the same thing and who understand."

"You're not alone," he said. "You're not by yourself."

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