The LCU volleyball player who collapsed after a game in November is now home.

When Malori Maddox returned home from her two-month fight and two brain surgeries, hundreds gathered at Green Lawn Church of Christ to welcome her home.

Maddox is back in Lubbock surrounded by loved ones and working on the path to recovery. Her father, Marray, addressed the crowd Sunday and thanked them for their support and prayers.

"Since that time, it has just been an incredible, incredible journey. We had people go to their knees that night, to the [LCU] fountain that night praying fervently for the doctors to heal Malori," Marray said [quote via KCBD].

When Maddox arrived at a hospital in Wichita Falls after collapsing, doctors found a brain bleed that needed immediate attention before she could be transferred to a Dallas hospital's ICU.

After waking up after that surgery, Maddox had some confusion, but eventually regained her memory. Since then, she has held a cheerful spirit through the therapy sessions while relearning the simple things, like shapes and numbers.

Last week, doctors went in for a 14-hour surgery and removed an AVM, an abnormal tie between her arteries and veins the replaced a piece of her skull.

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