Wednesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock City Councilman Jeff Griffith joined Dave and Matt to talk about Lubbock's impressive performance giving out vaccinations, the damage that Citizens Tower recently sustained, updates to the water situation in Reese, camera privacy ordinances, abortion, and more.

Lubbock has been a model for giving out vaccinations over the past few months, with other cities contacting Lubbock to find out why it is going so well. Councilman Griffith said that he has been very proud of Lubbock's health department and the entire team at the city, and all of their coordination. He said that it is neat to see how well it is going, and that is is happy to see that people are singing Lubbock's praises, saying, "This is what we were praying for, to get to this point to make sure the at risk folks and older folks got it first, but that we would have enough inventory to make sure that general population got it." Griffith did, however, remind everyone that the spread is still very common, and very serious, and so he encourages everyone to get vaccinated if they can.

Griffith also spoke on the flooding damage that Citizens Tower sustained after the recent storm in Lubbock. The Councilman said that did a walk through on the weekend that it happened, and took note of the construction going on, where they are now revamping their precautionary measures. Despite this, he is unsure what the total damage is as of this morning. Griffith explained that the city council has a meeting this afternoon with the facilities committee regarding the damage, as they are still able to hold meetings in the council chambers. On that topic, he also reminded listeners that they are holding a joint session tomorrow evening, March 25th, with the planning and zoning board about the unified development code. He encourages the public to attend if they are interested.

The Councilman also gave an update on the water situation west of Lubbock around the Reese Airforce base, where several neighborhoods have had water contamination problems. Griffith explained that the Reese Airforce base has been relying on giving out bottled water to those who did not have safe water, but that will soon change. Last night, the city approved a plan to restore plumbing to those neighborhoods, paid for by the federal government. Griffith applauds the Airforce for stepping up in this time, and says that the engineering assessment for the plumbing will be underway soon.

Finally, the Councilman was asked about the legality of having neighbors pointing security camera's into other people's backyards, where a KFYO texter was concerned about his neighbor watching him. Griffith said that the city does have ordinances addressing "peeping toms", however, those ordinances are worded in a way that does not specify the legality of stationary cameras. Griffith encourages people with these problems to address it with that particular neighbor, and if need be, take it up with an attorney. The Councilman went on to say that it is very possible that the city council may want to address this in the future, as he doubts this will be the last time this will happen.


Listen to the full audio with Jeff Griffith in the video above.

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