December is so close that I can just smell all the great food that comes with the holidays whether it be latkas, fried plantains, or tamales. Growing up I was very picky when it came to my tamales that I got to the point that I started saying I hated tamales. It wasn't until high school, and making tamales with my bestfriend Alex, that I discovered not all tamales are the same.

Different parts of Central and South America have their own version of tamales with most people knowing the popular Mexican tamales made in corn husks. Tamales have been a staple in Mesoamerican dining for more than 2000 years and connects everyone to each other by memories spent with family making the dish.

I decided to take on the challenge to find the Hub City's best tamales and after a 4-day venture to find the king of tamales I inadvertently found almost every single place that made tamales had something the other didn't. So as I compiled a list to make Lubbock's Tamale Trail, for those that are as picky as I am, I did discover that every single location has tamales that cater to different peoples tastes.

Also many people on this journey mentioned that their mom made the best tamales so congrats to every mom for making the best tamales around. I do consider myself a purest when it comes to tamales so I don't do ketchup, sauces, or cottage cheese with cabbage, which was a new one for me, but I am willing to try them because food is anarchy.

As I recover from my tamale binge I suggest that everyone scroll and find their perfect tamale in this list of mouthwatering tamale greatness. This list of places to get tamales in Lubbock is in no particular order except for the last tamales being named the best tamales in all of Lubbock, which is my own opinion, and all featured places have my stamp of deliciousness.

The Hub City Tamale Trail: A Quest for Lubbock's Best Tamales

Great tamales around Lubbock and the best tamales in all of the Hub City

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