Lubbock's iconic Smiling Bush has undergone a new makeover for March, celebrating St. Patrick's Day as a Leprechaun, complete with an auburn beard and eyebrows, a green top hat and two pots of gold. You can see him a few blocks away from the Indiana & 50th Street location of Market Street.

This year I discovered something about myself. I actually find Leprechauns extremely attractive. It's not my fault when the Leprechaun from Starz's American Gods looks like this:

I'm mad for Mad Sweeney, apparently.

For those of us still attending Texas Tech University, this is a weird St. Patrick's Day to celebrate. There is no Spring Break this year, and the actual holiday falls on a Wednesday. Usually, Spring Break surrounds St. Patrick's Day, so it's a no-brainer that you'll go out and celebrate the holiday. But with COVID-19 still a thing, it might have been a crapshoot anyway. 2021, you disappoint me.

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Smiling Bush has been everything from Santa Claus to a Ninja Turtle, and I can't wait to see what costume he puts on next. Easter is April 4th. Maybe he'll be a bunny, an egg or even one of those super-disappointing Peeps? Seriously, peeps are the worst candy.

A huge thanks to Tracy Moreno at Lawn Pros for taking the time every month to give Smiling Bush a makeover and the property owner for sharing this remarkable plant with us. It's a really delightful thing to drive by and discover its new look every month.

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