A Lubbock, Texas woman who helped a young kid whose car had broken down in a supermarket parking lot was on the receiving end of threats and verbal abuse by a man who she said was acting way out of line.

[Update] The man who was arrested and charged with manslaughter after an accident in Lubbock Sunday night (9/18) has been identified as James Albert Pritchard (49). Many believe he's the same man as the one seen in the picture above harassing people at the Market Street parking lot.

[Original Post] The story was shared by Leah Edwards on her personal Facebook page.

According to Edwards, the incident started in a Market Street parking lot Monday when a kid's car broke down. She says that a man in a gray Ford F150, who was obstructed by the car's breakdown, "proceeded to scream obsenities and insults out his window" until the young driver was nearly crying.

Edwards recalls that, after placing her groceries and children inside her vehicle, she confronted the man over his behavior. "I let this jerk know he was out of line," she wrote in her Facebook post, explaining that she then went to help the young driver push his vehicle somewhere safer so it could be jumpstarted.

While pushing the vehicle with the driver and three other females, the man in the truck refused to let up she said, following them around the parking lot, allegedly yelling threats and obscenities.

"After I had returned to my vehicle to leave he whipped around, pulling his truck diagonally in front of me where he proceeded to cuss me out and make threats against me and my family," wrote Edwards.

Since posting the pictures of the man and sharing her story, Edwards' Facebook post has been shared more than 5,000 times. You can read the entire Facebook post below.

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