A Lubbock woman is behind bars and faces multiple charges after she tried to steal beer from a local gas station and made a decision that could have killed someone.

KAMC News reports the incident began Friday, January 29th, when 26-year-old Summer Nicole Hernandez tried to steal two cases of Budweiser from the Valero at Frankford Avenue, just off the Spur 327 access road.

A police report states that Hernandez then tried to escape in a stolen car she was driving but someone intervened. A man inside the store, who happened to be dating the Valero cashier, chased Hernandez outside and tried to stop her from leaving.

In a chaotic series of events, the man was somehow able to reach in through the driver side door of the getaway car and get his hands on the steering wheel. Hernandez then accelerated to try and get away, but the man pulled on the steering wheel, causing the vehicle to spin around the parking lot.

Unable to hold on any longer, the man fell away from the driver side door and onto the ground. Police say the man was also hit by the vehicle during the altercation, but did not explain if the act was intentional or not.

After the man was struck, Hernandez ditched the vehicle in the parking lot and tried to escape the scene on foot. She was soon found and arrested by police near 5615 Englewood Avenue and was booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totally $12,500.

Hernandez is charged with attempted robbery, driving without a license, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and possession of marijuana. The man she hit with her car was treated by EMS at the scene and is said to be okay.

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