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Everyone has a nighttime routine that they like to follow. For me, it involves skin care, getting comfy in bed, scrolling through my phone for a bit, and reading a couple of chapters from a book before setting my alarm and going to sleep.

Late last night, I was reading my book, my partner asleep next to me, when I heard a thumping sound on the window. I paused my reading and listened closely when I heard the thump again. My brain quickly went through a few possibilities of the sound’s source.

Was it a branch hitting the window? No, there aren’t any plants large enough to make that kind of sound outside of that window.

Was someone trying to break into the house? No one would be silly enough to break into a window when you could see light shining behind the blinds, indicating that the room is occupied. At least I hoped so.

Figuring it was no big deal, I brushed it off and continued reading. A few minutes later, I heard it again. This time, I realized that it might be some sort of animal in the yard, curious about its own reflection in the window.

So I went onto my phone and checked the backyard security camera footage to see if I could spot anything. After a moment, what looked like a white tail made an appearance from the side of the house. I stared for a moment trying to recognize what animal the tail could come from when it suddenly clicked.

A cat.

Being the animal lovers my partner and I are, I woke him up, showing him the footage and explaining what just happened. Excited about the possibility of rescuing a lost cat, he got up and opened the blinds on the window, spotting the small white cat staring up at him.

We made our way to the back door, carefully opening it and turning on the back porch lights, trying not to startle the cat. Once the door was open, we could clearly see the kitty sitting there, watching us.

Ryan Moscati
Ryan Moscati

Fortunately, the cat had a collar on and looked like an indoor cat, so we knew we’d be able to find its owners. We just had to catch it first.

The cat was curious, getting close to us, but scurrying away if we reached out towards him. After a few attempts at getting the white cat's attention, I spotted a second cat peeking its head around the corner. This one was a grey tabby and obviously much shyer than her brother.

After some time sitting on the ground and coercing the white cat with some popcorn, we managed to snag him. He didn't put up any sort of fight and was very sweet, purring loudly as I brought him into the house.

Ryan Moscati
Ryan Moscati

My partner checked his tag, realizing that the cat belonged to our next door neighbor. The only problem was the fact that it was already midnight and we hadn't had any success in wrangling the grey cat.

As my partner gave our neighbors a call, I went outside with a flashlight hoping to catch the second kitty. Unfortunately, by the time I made it back outside, the grey cat was nowhere to be seen in our yard. However, I could still hear the jingle of its bell. It sounded like the cat made its way back over the fence into its family's yard.

Fortunately, our neighbor was responsive to our call and immediately came over to get their cat. We informed them about the second cat and they thanked us for finding them, bidding us a good night before heading back home, kitty in tow.

It was quite an unexpected midnight adventure, but I'm glad we were able to help. Part of me feels like we'll be seeing those cats again, and I'm not too disappointed in that.

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