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If you have driven down Avenue Q in Downtown Lubbock recently near the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, you've probably seen a new memorial going up. The coronavirus pandemic slowed down construction of the new Lubbock Tornado Memorial, but on May 11 of 2021 a dedication ceremony will take place.

The dedication of the Lubbock Tornado Memorial will take place on the morning of May 11 which is 51 years after the 1970 tornado. According to a press release from the City of Lubbock, families of the 26 people killed will be on hand for the ceremony.

The dedication ceremony for the new Lubbock Tornado Memorial, designed to honor all those impacted by the May 11, 1970 tornado, will be on Tuesday, May 11 at 10:00 a.m. at the memorial site, located at 705 Avenue Q.

The memorial stands as a tribute to the 26 victims of the devastating tornado, while also recognizing the community leaders and the incredible spirit that helped rebuild the city after the historic and unprecedented F5 tornado event.

Family members of the 26 victims as well as prominent historic figures who survived the event will be on hand to see this vision come to fruition.

In addition to Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope, Texas State Historian Dr. Monte Monroe, John Murphy of NOAA, Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, President of Texas Tech among others will be in attendance during the Lubbock Memorial Tornado dedication ceremony.

The memorial will honor the victims and first responders of the 1970 tornado that killed 26 people in Lubbock. It will serve to give more history and recognition to a major disaster that impacted so many in Lubbock.

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