This will be the 18th year of the César E. Chávez People’s March and Celebration. This year, the event will be held Saturday, March 25th at 1 p.m.

This year's theme is "United in Peace." It was chosen to highlight Chavez’s commitment to social justice and peace.

From Christy Martinez-Garcia, Publisher, Latino Lubbock Magazine:

“About César E. Chávez

Chávez's significance and impact goes beyond any one cause or struggle. The son of migrant laborers, Chávez led a nonviolent boycott against California grape growers, protesting poor working conditions and the use of pesticides harmful to farm workers. He is recognized for his nonviolent approach to handling adversity, and even fasted to call attention to the migrant workers' cause. Although his dramatic act did little to solve the immediate harms, it increased public awareness of the problem. The boycott was finally successful in winning new rights for workers.”

The route will be from the Buddy Holly Recreational Area to Cavazos Middle School.

Thanks to Christy Martinez-Garcia for the press release and information.

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