Do you think Lubbock is boring? Personally, I think anyone who sees Lubbock as boring is really just looking in the mirror. Lubbock is what you make it. Do you want fun? MAKE IT.

Regardless of my opinion, Lubbock had been named "the most boring town in America," and because of that, we get to be on the premiere of a TV show. Whee!

Small Town Throwdown will debut May 20th, 2020 at 9 p.m. central time on the Discovery Channel with host Mo Mandel. Mandel is a pretty famous, albeit Canadian comedian who has been on the shows Chelsea Lately and Comedy Knockout.

Mo isn’t afraid to take on some of these town’s most unique activities – even if he has no idea what he’s doing in the process. In Lubbock, Texas, named “The Most Boring Town in America,” Mo learns about the competitive intercollegiate sport of “meat judging” and attempts to keep up with the students at Texas Tech, who’ve earned multiple national championships.

There's no telling how we'll look until the show airs. We do know that some of the filming took place at Flippers Tavern (1406 Ave Q).

From Flippers Facebook page:

We aren’t sure what made the final cuts but on May 20th the Discovery channel will be airing the pilot of Small Town Throwdown. It was quite the experience having a TV show filmed in the tavern. Tune in to see some of your favorite local businesses and people talk about our “boring” city!


We'll just have to wait and see how Lubbock "looks" on this show, but I stand by what I said from the beginning. If you think Lubbock is boring, it's because you're boring. And if you're bored, go clean your room.

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